Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Welcome Return to The Ordinary

After the deluge of Marriage, Death and Life-Changing surgery, I think it's time to just check in with a nice, relatively mundane post.

Some general updateage:

I will hit on the surgery for a moment: Fan-fucking-tastic. Healing up nice, vision is improving all of the time. Last time I saw the Doc, he said I could go swimming by now, should I wish to... just...incredible. I can actually give you an example of how my eyesight's improving: Two days after the surgery I was at a friend of mine's house, and of course, it was the subject of discussion. One of my friends asked if I could read the titles on some of the books on my friend's shelf. (These were GURPs "splat" books actually, if you happen to be enough of a geek to know what those are.) I could make out a couple, those where the font color was sufficiently contrasted to the color of the cover, and everyone was dutifully impressed when I rattled these off. Two weeks later, I'm at the same house, sitting in the same chair, and I glance over at the bookshelf. I could make out every title except one. The one in question had a font color almost the same color as the jacket, and my friend sitting right next to it said he could barely make it out. I could actually catch a word or two, which pretty much blew him away.

It's pretty fucking cool.

In other news: I temporarily chopped my sideburns off. Some people (believe it or not) will be distressed to hear this. Every once in awhile you just gotta take 'em off, air it out, and grow 'em back from the start, y'know? I just got a haircut, just got the eyes fixed, it was time. Might keep it that way for a minute, but the chops'll be back soon, I'm sure.

Got a new MP3 player: 20 gig iRiver. Just got the damn thing, haven't even really set it up yet. It is charging as I type. The plan is to get an FM modulator and hook it up in the car, get that 6 speaker system working for me. The thing'll hold three days of music, or some shit. I have two cigarette lighter outlets in my center console, I'm hoping if I get the right components, and configure it properly, I can charge it while I drive and have the FM modulator both. Then the car will just be dialed in; I'll only have to take it out to put more of The Punk Rock on it. (or whatever. I bought a Marvin Gaye CD today. Fuck Off.)

Went and saw "V for Vendetta" tonight, finally. I'm sure I'm going to have to go over this several times, in several places, with several people, but my short take on it is this: The Movie is the Pussy version of the story. And they did warp the story. Gutsy, compared to typical Hollywood crap, but Pussy Bullshit compared to the source. If you like the movie, and have not read the original, do not hesitate, go get it right now and read it. I still managed to enjoy myself, and I'll be wearing my Guy Fawlkes mask on November 5th, just for the fuck of it.

Just sorted through a mountain of laundry. I know you'd all love to hear about that. Think I'll start another Blog specifically on the subject. (Hey....)

Let's see, what else? Started another 12 Step Program. Yay for me! I'm Fucked up! Social Hollywood, the GIANT new restaurant the company I work for is opening is letting me have a free dinner as a test run before opening, which is cool. Seriously, this place is Ginormous. They've taken over the old Hollywood Athletic Club, and frankly, I'm curious as to even how they are going to fill the space. Gonna check it out Monday with some friends of mine.

Finally, some technical goals that I want to achieve for this Blog. Nothing fancy, just want to get it out there so I don't fuck it off. A "Blogroll," for one. I've been reading a lot of Blogs lately, and I just need to get one of these up. Share some love, maybe get a link or two back, if I can. Tags. I found a utility that will allow me to tag the entries, I need to get it set up. Blogger doesn't handle this natively, so it will take some doing, but I think it will be helpful. I'm probably going to do a custom header, as well. Something that doesn't just scream, "Hey, Look, it's another Blogger account!" Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I gotta do my own thing. Anyone know how to rig a Flavicon on one of these accounts? Or is that just asking too much? Whatever. I should move it to my own site anyway. I do own "" Might as well do something with it. Might be a good place to put the Laundry Blog.

Later kids,