Saturday, June 23, 2007

From Z list to C list

I have some great news about the Blog here, but a couple of items first, before I get to that:

You should go take a look at Cory Doctorow's post about the current state of the Broadcast Treaty here:

Spoiler: It's Good News. (For Now.)

If you are reading this, you are on the internet, so this directly effects you. These folks have, in a very real and international way, been fighting the Good Fight on your behalf. Go take a look at what these kids have accomplished.

Second, a housekeeping note: Computer's still a bit wonky. I thought I might be almost out of the woods and then it crashed again. Gets that creepy beeping that doesn't come from the speakers. Yeah, that's how you know something's really wrong. I don't even have speakers installed!

Someone (Martin, actually) suggested the battery on my Motherboard might need replacing. Now, I'm not ruling that out, but would that cause the computer to crash during use? If anyone knows please let me know in the comments section.

Now, Finally The Big Blog-Related News!!! (Drum Roll...)

I have been accepted to become a contributer to MetroBlogging L.A. This is a pretty big deal for me. Some of the stories I've brought you here have come from that site, and it's a great site all around with what seem to be a very cool group of people.

The MetroBlogging sites are a network of Blogs devoted (in most cases) to a City or Metropolis, and the events and news thereof. They're pretty damn cool, and I'm proud to be a part of it.

Oh, yeah, P.S. and stuff: Today is my Mom's Birthday, send her love, (Now, Dammit!) and a week from today is MY Birthday. Buy me stuff. Nice stuff. I think I'm going to Hollywood Forever Cemetery to watch a movie and Pic Nic. So, come by, if you want.

My Wish List

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


My computer keeps crashing. I have no idea what's going on. I'm trying to isolate the problem, but it is proving elusive.

No "Blue Screen of Death," nothing. It just periodically stops working. Sometimes, when it does so, it resets my Bios settings, taking it back to December 31st, 2001, and resetting my default video card/monitor.

It's almost funny to see my desktop calendar widget tell me tomorrow is New Year's day.

The novelty wears off quickly.

This computer has been loyal and stable for a long, long time. It's never been prone to crashing. I'm seeking solutions and alternatives at the moment. I may end up hitting the Net Cafe, eventually, to keep things rolling, but I hope it doesn't come to that.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Eat your Kiwis

So, today is my Little Brother's Birthday. He's 28.

He's also doing 17 years No Chance of Parole in The Oregon State Pen. He's got about 7 years left.

So, well, here's wishing him the Happiest Birthday possible under the circumstances.

Last time I went to visit him, we were able to buy him some Orange Juice, which is apparently in high demand. He mentioned that the first thing he wanted to do when he got out was to eat a big kiwi fruit, because he hadn't had one in almost a decade.

Everyday at work, during our pre-meal meeting, they bring out the "Sorbet of the Day" and the plate of fruit that comes with it, which, of course, includes some sliced kiwi. It used to go to waste a lot of the time. Now I make sure to take a minute and enjoy it.

Happy Birthday Daniel. I know you can't read this, but I'm thinking about you, and I'm not letting any kiwi go to waste. Love yeh, Man. Be well.


I'm taking a small break. The computer's still acting funny, but I'm working on it. Gathering up new material for a fresh onslaught here at the ol' BlogNoxious, as well.

In any case, I kept the daily thing going for a quite awhile with few mishaps, screwy computer or no. You can grant me a couple of weeks off.

Should be some interesting new stuff coming, anyway. Patience. Catch up on the achives in the meantime.