Saturday, May 19, 2007


...holder. Gonna go hang with Elwood. Then Work. Then back here to tell y'all 'bout it.


Friday, May 18, 2007

Mt. Saint Helen's Day.

Today was Mount Saint Helens' Day. I bet you had no fucking idea, did you? Unless, maybe, you live in the Northwest, and even then, probably fucking not.

We had just moved to Oregon when the fucking Mountain blew up, I was just a kid. I remember I woke up and looked outside, everything was covered in light grey ash, and I thought it had snowed..

I knew Oregon was going to be colder than California, but this was ridiculous.

"Did it snow? What? Ash? What do you mean it's Ash? A WHAT? A Volcano Erupted? Are you kidding me? I thought Volcanoes were in Hawaii..." Were the hell do we live now? Rains all the damn time, the beaches are rocky, cold and hurt your feet, and they got fucking Volcanoes? You gotta be fucking kidding me.

These were my ten year old thoughts on the matter, I remember it pretty clearly. Happy Mount St. Helens' Day. Where were you when the Mountain Blew?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Week in Review

1. Fuck Jerry Falwell. I generally refrain from bad mouthing the recently dead, but yeah, fuck that guy. The World is a Better place for him now being a fucking corpse. Asshole. Feast maggots, feast.

2. Twisted my back yesterday. I'll be fine, missed a day of work. Fucking back.

3. Half of the City of Los Angeles is still up in arms about the May Day Bullshit the cops pulled. That half would be the Spanish speaking half. (Plus this Gringo writing about it.) There was a Rally today on Wilshire, denouncing the actions of the Police. Whatever, your opinions on immigration, May 1st was bullshit. Not too sure how much good today's rally is going to do, but we'll see. Next May should be interesting. Those cops furthered the cause of L.A.'s pro immigration community by light years.

4. Everyone, however, is still heartbroken over Griffith Park, and the Fire Devastation there. There are rumblings that developers who have long wanted to pretty much wipe out much of the natural growth, flora and fauna, that made up a large part of the park are using the fire to further their agenda. The claim is that the fire would not have been as severe if there had been, say, apartment buildings there, as opposed to forest. The more paranoid of those who rumble say these folks may even be behind the fire.

While this all sounds a bit paranoid, this City has a long history of scandalous bullshit that would make this, were it to be true, look positively tame.

Not saying I buy it, but I'm also not saying ignore the possibility.

5. Paris may get her sentence reduced due to "Overcrowding." Bullshit. It was plenty crowded when I was in County.

6. Managed to get some Warcraft in, against all odd, in the last day or two. Ah, so nice. You have no idea. Ordered a Belkin Speedpad from Amazon. Should be here tomorrow. Noobs beware. My PVP is about to get brutal

7. I have been busy as fuck with rehearsals and shit, hence the preponderance of Video lately. You guys can bitch when I start repeating stuff.

Actually, you can bitch all you want, there is a comments page, and I'd love to see some shit there. Probably won't change me much, but I'd like to see it none the less.

Likely to be a busy week coming up, so there may be quite a bit of Video. I will endeavor to find interesting stuff and, well, Good Ol' Punk Rock. In all seriousness, let me know in the comments what you like and what you don't, as it may very well influence what I search for.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I apologize for Nothing.

This explains everything:

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Fish.

Okay, I apologize for all the Video, wasn't going to post Video today, but this one I had to post:

Salvador Dali on the Fifties Gameshow "What's My Line."

Talk about Surreal.

Monday, May 14, 2007