Saturday, May 12, 2007

On the Moon, LiteBrites are Deadly. (Don't question it...)

The charges have been dropped against Peter Berdovsky, and Sean Stevens, the two guys who were busted after the city of Boston freaked out over finding a bunch of LiteBrite Electric Signs installed as a Street Marketing campaign to Promote Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Apparently, they had to apologize, which is retarded; the City Officials who Grossly overreacted should apologize.

The same signs had been up in other cities for two or three weeks, and, in fact, had been up in Boston itself for ten days before they were sighted by a Victim of Terror (That is, someone so paranoid about Terrorism, even a brightly lit Cartoon Character seems a threat) and reported to authorities, who subsequently, basically, shut down Boston.

Most bomb makers don't, in fact, attach brightly lit Cartoon figures to their explosive devices.

Anyway, the reason I'm posting this, is because I really don't think enough people got a chance to see these two guys true brilliance; The "Haircuts of the Seventies" press conference.

Please Enjoy:

Just as Ridiculous as they ought to be; fucking Ridiculous charges.

Friday, May 11, 2007

7 Seconds 99 Red Balloons Spanky's West Palm Beach

I fucking Love this song. (I never heard it live before, tho'. Looks like it was a great show.)

Whoa-oh! Whoooaa-Oh!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Day....after Day...

I once again find myself exhausted at quarter to four in the morning. Been a long, but good day. Lots of those long days, lately. I spoke at the meeting I have been secretary of for a year, as my term (2nd term, actually, as I had been re-elected) is over. Went well, I think. Had class after that, then went and watch a movie and discussed scenes from that movie and others with a scene partner. Have rehearsal tomorrow with another scene partner, then work. Have to go in at some point this weekend and take some stupid food test at work.

I really want to play some Warcraft.

Not gonna happen. Dammit.

I wanna post some more about the fire, some amazing pictures that were taken, but not gonna happen right now. Metroblogger L.A. had some AMAZING shots.

But I'm taking my time to check in, kids. How are you?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


This was my neighborhood yesterday. Welcome to Fire Season.

Video from (where else?) Boing Boing, taken at 7:55PM by "M.D."

Tuesday, May 08, 2007



Monday, May 07, 2007

Places to do, Things to go...

I make no apologies for posting a lot of Video lately. I think it's a good way to keep this thing cracking on days when I can't get an whole post in, and trust me, there have been days when that was just not possible. This whole week has been nuts.

However, making sure something is up here to check in with is good. Keeps it flowing.

Today I'm going to point you to a couple of things you should check out, but that I can't post directly here.

First of all, there's a new Spinal Tap short film. By Rob Reiner.

I know, huh? Fucking A.

"They're not that environmentally conscious, but they've heard of global warming," said Reiner, whose other films include "When Harry Met Sally" and "Stand By Me." "Nigel thought it was just because he was wearing too much clothing -- that if he just took his jacket off it would be cooler."

Spinal Tap has reunited several times since the film but hasn't for a number of years. For the band -- whose last album was 1992's "Break Like the Wind" -- the occasion warranted a new single: "Warmer Than Hell."

Be aware: The new Tap movie is on MSN, and it doesn't play well with Firefox. (Go figure.)

Also, here's a random bunch of Band Videos someone must have had stashed. There's some awesome stuff here, all from the Late 70's - Early 80's. Check out Siouxse and the Banshees doing "Hong Kong Garden from 1981, in Germany. Fucking great. All from Kino Digital Video.

As usual, all this via Boing Boing, at one time or another. (I swear I heard about the Tap Video somewhere else first, but Damned if I can remember where; and of course, those Boingers had it covered.)

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Holy ...

Since it's Sunday, which is supposed to be a Holy Day, I thought I'd show you a Video of a Transvestite talking about Pagans.

Eddie Izzard is awesome. Actual post-type posts soon.