Saturday, May 05, 2007

Feliz May Fifth

While L.A. still reels a bit from the Police Brutality on May Day, we get Cinco de Mayo to follow it up.

Work may well be ... interesting.

In the meantime, check out The Great Taco Hunt and read the adventures of Bandini as he searches for the perfect Taco.

I'll see all y'all after work.


Pretty sedate at work, which was almost creepy. Last time Cinco de Mayo landed on a Saturday it was pretty crazy. Seriously, I think the May first thing put a pall over things. More on this later, I want to see if there's any news from around town.

In the meantime here's some Manic Hispanic doing "I want to be a Cholo" their answer to The Vandals "I want to be a cowboy."

Manic Hispanic fucking rocks. Take note.

Friday, May 04, 2007


Off to work. See yeh tonite. Read yesterday's blog.


Fucking tired as hell. Here's The Cramps. Fucking dig it.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

The 'Net will Deconstruct Itself.

Catch up on your Internet Memes and related phenomenon while I'm gone. The series of tubes has begun to eat it's own tail with lolgeeks.

We'll talk about it when I get back from class ... Puh-lace Holder.


So, things have gotten a little out of hand. First there was the "I M in ur x Killing ur y " thing.

This was similar to the "All your Base are Belong to Us" thing, except instead of "Engrish" this was "Leet Speak" and "All your Base..." didn't get re-appropriated like the "...Killin' ur Doodz" thing.

Let me back up, for those who have not been following this sort of thing, or who just have no idea what it is when they do see it.

The "All your Base..." thing really has nothing to do with it, (and anyway that's so 2001...) but if you still don't know what that's about (and many don't) Click Here, and Wikipedia will answer all your questions. The "...Killin' ur Doodz" thing just, initially, seemed to spread in the same fashion.

Bear with me, this goes someplace, but some background may be needed.

The original phrase is "I am in your base killin' your doodz." Encyclopedia Dramatica seems to have summed up the origin best:

Two players (one unnamed, the other known as 1337h4x (leetspeak for "Fucking Nerd") are in a game of Starcraft, with 1337h4x playing as the Zerg race, and the other as either the Terran or Protoss races. 1337h4x Zerg-rushed his opponent, and on finding that he was getting raped, his opponent asked:

[n00b] "dude, where are you?"

[1337h4x] "im in ur base, killing ur d00ds"

Leetspeak for "Fucking Nerd." heh. Indeed.

Any-fucking-way, around the same time as this inane bullshit started making it's way across the 'Net, the Cute Fucking Animal Picture thing started to swell into a Phenomenon. There is, of course,, with their daily deluge of cute baby animal pictures, and The Daily Kitten, with (you guessed it) new pictures of drowndably cute baby cats every damn day, and about a hundred clones.

Now, to be fair, part of the draw of these things, at least in the case of Cute Overload, is the self awareness. Meg, the woman who runs that site, knows just how saccharine sweet and ridiculous the whole thing is, and the somewhat self effacing humor with which she comments on everything makes the whole process enjoyable, rather than sickening.

This gave rise to the Captioned cute animal fad, (or maybe vice versa, but really, who can tell?) which attempts much the same thing with mixed results. I Can Has Cheezburger and LolCats are probably the most obvious examples.

Apparently most felines can speak, but they're kind of retarded. Walruses, it would seem, are obsessed with Buckets. (Yeah, I don't know either.) This is where the "...Killin' ur Doodz" thing really took off. Suddenly, all kinds of cute critters (among other things,) were in something of yours, engaging in some activity, upon something you held sacred.

This is a Triple Meme, A Hat Trick. The Mind Reels.

So, okay, captioned pictures of parakeets standing in pasta, an odd place for Pop Culture to migrate, but, whatever. What's the big deal?

It has now started to come full circle.

A (relatively) new site is up: LolGeeks. LolGeeks is like LolCats, but they are using pictures of 'Net personalities and Alpha Geek Icons ... with the Cute Cat Captions. Apparently the Geek Elite also talk like retarded six year olds; I found this less surprising than the cats, really.


Cory Doctorow

Linus Torvalds

Geeks making fun of geeks making fun of themselves while making fun of themselves. It continues on like fucking Pi.

Someone said Pop will Eat Itself, I say the Net is Perpetrating its Own Deconstruction.


Everything ever via Boing Boing. (Bless Those Folks. Seriously, I get a lot of stuff and info from them. Follow the links for the various Photo Credits. I'll post them in future, but right now it's 4AM. Laterz.)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Like McAdams loves Gosling

It's weird how opportunities work themselves out, when you look at things from a certain perspective.

I'm a really lucky fucker in a lot of ways. Dues have been paid, make no mistake, but I'm a lucky fucker.

I forget that sometimes. But that's the very thing.

I'm at the top of the Food Chain, and by that I mean I've pretty much gone as far as one goes in the Food and Beverage industry while still being an employee and not an employer. I've reached the pinnacle of the "Would you like Fries with That?" game. There are people who make more than I do, but not many, and by and large it's one of the cooler places to work.

But it used to be so much cooler. So very much cooler.

It really did, that's not just a perspective thing. I'm not going to get into the laundry list, tempting as that is, but much has soured there. Yet, it is still a kick ass job. When I hear what people make at other places, man, I don't get out of bed for that kinda pay.

But it's all becoming clear now. All that souring, it's just oil on the Golden Handcuffs people. Those Golden Shackles are loosening, I can feel it, I can see it.

I used to really like going to work. Why, as good as it was, would I ever leave? Now that they have sapped the love out of my work place, and I truly used to love the place, but now that they robbed it of that, I have more motivation to find my way out, to move on. Oh, I fought, hell, I could have chosen a different career path and maybe won that fight, but I would have lost everything else. So glad I didn't do that. Now, I can still work at a kick ass place, yet I can be motivated by the sheer, ugh, clusterfuck of crappola now permeating the joint's very pores to go bigger and better, in whole new realms of work and career.

Kind of a great deal, if you think about it.

It doesn't have to totally suck, but it gets to suck just enough to motivate me elsewhere.

Hell, I got to wait on Chris Parnell tonight. He was eating dinner before going across the street to watch Elvis Costello. Sorry, that's pretty fucking cool.

If you don't know who Chris Parnell is, go check out Lazy Sunday right now. (No, bitch, I said Right Now.) If you don't know who Elvis Costello is, do a little research on a Decade know as The Eighties.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Underwear Perverts are on the loose

Terrifica is not alone, anymore. Maybe she can now find true love. (But she'll probably mace him.)

There's been a rash lately of people dressed as Super Heroes acting retarded. Well, more retarded.

First, (Well, in this latest string. Terrifica was way ahead of these "Johnny Storm come latelys.") there's the Grope-tastic Captain America. The guys at The Smoking Gun have all the details.

"Authorities said Adamcik was in possession of a large burrito and drugs."

That's probably my favorite News Story quote ever.

Next, Sergeant Superman. Since when do soldiers go to their Drill Sergeants about depression? This is a good reason not to do so.

And the latest, and well, not so perverted ... yet: Citizen Prime might be the best candidate yet for Our Girl Terrifica. I'm still sad that that Blind date with The Ultimate Warrior never panned out.

(Terrifica has been a favorite of the Gang over at Dead Pan Fury for many years now. In fact, she was the subject of one of our all-time favorite threads. Also the term "Underwear Perverts" is attributable to Warren Ellis. I don't know that Warren had the type of activity listed above in mind when he coined the term. Then again, he's been to enough Comic Book conventions; this may well be exactly what he meant. )

Monday, April 30, 2007

On we go...

I can't help but get a slight feeling of malaise as the week doesn't end, it just keeps on going.

I really have nothing to bitch about. Lots of people have lots harder shit to do, more often. Whatever.

Placeholder. I'll post more after work.


Nice. Smart ass mother fucking friend of mine posts his comment to the place holder. Jackass.

Scroll down, you stupid son of a bitch, you might gain a clue as to what's actually going on.

I actually got out of work early, which ruled, as I got a chance to really play some Warcraft for the first time in, it seems like, forever. My friends have level 70s, they just made alts, and at this rate their alts will pass me up in level.

Class tomorrow, which rocks, and probably will launch intense rehearsal time. It better, anyway, or I might well be fucked.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday Clash

Happy Fucking Sunday. Here's some fucking Clash.

Hit Play, Dickhead.

The Only Band that Matters.