Friday, August 03, 2007

I really miss The Elevtric Compamy. It was probably the coolest kids show ever.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I Made it Back.

The following is from the pocket Reporter Moleskine Journal I carry with me everywhere. It was written on the way back from San Diego Comic Con, Monday afternoon, 30 July 2007.

"Freedom's just another word for Nothing Left to Lose." Sure. I'm sitting in, what is it? Laguna Niguel? I'm at a very busy In-n-Out Burger crammed under a freeway overpass. There is nothing picturesque about it what-so-ever, but it is perfect right now. And it's rush hour.

I have some things to lose, almost exclusively material, all of them. Some relationships, as well, sure, but I could, none the less point my car anywhere right now, and do whatever the fuck I wanted. I could make a phone call, maybe two, and I'd be out a lot of material things, sure, but any of the relationships that counted, I'd be no more in danger of losing them than I was before.

This thought formed in my head a few moments ago, I pulled out my notebook to write it down and reflect on it, and as I leafed through the pages to look for a blank page, I came across a note I made to myself a few days before I left for vacation.

"Oh, "I thought to myself, "I'd better check to make sure that got taken care of." I picked up my phone and was about to make a call, then I remembered what I pulled the damn thing out for in the first place.

The phone call can wait.

I'm still on vacation, dammit.

And I could, I could, if I really wanted to, never go back again.

This vacation was much needed. It's been a rough couple of months. I was so stressed out I almost canceled my trip. That would have been an almost oxymoronic mistake.

Time to continue the adventure.

I did, in fact, continue the adventure.

My computer is back on the net. It needs some maintenance, but it's working. Also, my parents bought me a new laptop, God Bless 'em. (Thanks, Mom and Brad!) So, updates are on their way. I'm not promising a schedule, at this point, but once or twice a week there should be something here. Check the RSS feed.

I've also been posting over at Nice bunch of folks over there. If you want to check out my posts specifically go here. While my computer was out I actually did a series of posts reviewing Internet Cafes and Libraries. I called it "Vagabond Blogger."

It really has been a hell of a couple of months, and it was quite a trip to the Con this year. Now to find the Sleep of the Just.

It's nice to be back.