Friday, March 17, 2006

Holy Crap.

So, as you may or may not know, I am a Registered Minister with the Universal Life Church. I have been for some time.

Other than trying my best to uphold the very basic tenets, as I understand them, (Try Peacefully to do What is Right and Religious Freedom for All) it was just one of those things. I printed out the Certificate they sent me when I was Ordained, (An unimposing and humble looking document) filed it away and otherwise continued my Spiritual Journey to the Best of My Ability, as I'd been doing otherwise.

I didn't send them any Money, not for the fancy Official certificate, or the handbook, or anything. I knew they were available, and I figured I'd pick them up eventually, but they weren't strictly necessary, I was told, and I was Officially Ordained regardless.

This was all so long ago, I actually forgot when I had done it.

So, this year, two different people have asked me to Preside over Ceremonies for them, one of which needs to be very Official and Legal. I had, ever since taking this step, wished to be available to my Friends and Loved Ones for this sort of thing should they need or want me to, but, well, it had never come up until now.

Initially, I couldn't find that scrap of paper I had printed out all those years ago. I couldn't even, when the website asked, "If you don't know the date of your Ordination, give us an approximate and we'll look it up," I didn't even know that. I didn't even remember the year. It never occured to me to call the Church.

So, at first, I went ahead and re-registered. I guess this would have been fine, but I ended up with a Document that said I was Ordained on the 6th of March, this year. It did further say not to worry about double registration, as the Church would eliminate any such duplicates. Fine, but I still had a print out with the wrong date, and though legal, it just didn't seem right. Even if I were to order one, I still didn't know the year for an approximation.

I dug a little deeper and actually found the original document. It was really not much to look at, in fact it was downright questionable. I could Photoshop a fancier looking document in all of two minutes. Hell, I could do better in Word.

But there was a phone number. The same phone number was on my new certificate, and on the website. So, I called The Mother Church in Modesto this afternoon. The very helpful Lady who answered asked my name, and had my Date of Ordination right there in her Database. (Sunday, August 27, 2000, By the way.) She further assured me I had the Legal and Holy Right to perform these Ceremonies and anyone who doubted so could call that number and they would promptly verify it.

Now, I had conciously assumed all this time that I was "Good to Go," as it were, but frankly, being officially told so, along with instructions on how to back it up, and who would vouch for me, well, was humbling and a distinct Honor all at once.

I can, as I sit now and as I have been for the last 5 1/2 years or so, Legally Marry People in most of the Country, and with a little more paperwork, easily obtained, do so it the remaining couple of States, except, I guess New York, which requires a couple of more Hoops. (Though, I guess those are doable.) And, of course, if I Marry you in any State that Legally Recognizes the Ceremony, you are Married, Legally, in the entire United States. (And most, if not all, the World.)

Again, this is at once humbling and a distinct Honor.

This is all Very Cool, and I feel Very Good about it.

Bless You All.


Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Thursday Collection

I have discovered the LA Nerd. He is helpful and fun. He has blessed us with 5 Parking Tips for L.A.

Meanwhile, Overcompensating searches for the True Meaning of Spring Break, and I steal a joke from Diesel Sweeties and post in on My Space.

And you should really go buy Jeffery Rowland's new book The Case of the Missle Crisis. He deserves your love.

Now, go install FireFox and read Transmetropolitan.

More as Breaking News Develops.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


This Side bar thing is really pissing me off. Does anyone not get it pushed all the way to the bottom?

Anyway, here's something that should piss you off:

Politicians in the state of Mississippi are pushing forward with plans to ban abortion.

As Bill Hicks said, "Half of my friends think people who are Anti-Abortion are Assholes, the other half think people who are Anti-Abortion are Dicks. It's a really divisive issue." Paraphrased, due to not having the exact quote in front of me, but close enough.

Also, for something fun and truly scary, check out the LAPD's new Crime Map.

Let me know where the side bar in my comments, please. (And your resolution, if you know it.) I'mo fix this yet.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Alright, I missed Monday. Fuck it. You didn't want to read about my stupid watch anyway, did you? Well, it's cool as fuck; that's all.

In any case, here's what I did Monday, the best part of Monday, anyway:

One of the Coolest Record Stores in L.A., in fact, probably The Coolest, until Aomeba came along, is closing it's doors April 9th.

This sucks. However, I have a piece of its History, and I'm going to have it for some time, I would warrent. The shelf pictured to the right was a display unit from Aron's Records. I bought it a few months ago, and just picked it up yesterday. It can hold 1000 CDs, at capacity, and the shelves adjust (Obviously, if you look at the picture.) to hold an ass-load of DVDs as well.

I took this picture shortly after setting it up last night. None of the CDs or DVDs are in any kind of order there, and I still have a handful of both floating around, but that's most of 'em. I did, actually, alphabatize all the CDs shortly after taking that picture (Like you wouldn't.) the DVDs will wait. (Where's that other Stooge's CD? I know I had it. Did I leave the fucker in the car...)

Still, Aron's closing is a bitch, though I'm proud to have some of its history in my living room. In talking to the staff, most of them seemed not to place the blame on Aomeba opening, (Though, that place is huge, and I'm sure it contributed) but they felt the Best Buy and Target that opened right down the street is what really did them in. I guess, as much traffic as they did in Vinyl and Used stuff, the real money was in the new retail items, and, in that, they just can't keep up with the Chain Stores.

And so, I bid a Fond Farewell to Aron's Records, here in its Final Days, and I will Proudly display my Collections in Memory of its Noble History, on a Memory of its Noble History.