Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Eye Balls.

It's been a busy day, and just about to go get ready for work.

I paid that debt, in full. I have a confirmation number, it's DONE.

I also have made an appointment to see The Eye Guy. I go in Monday to find out if I'm eligible for the surgery. I really, really fucking hope I am. I swear, if I'm not, I just might cry. That's not something I do a lot.

My dilemma yesterday was just that, had I not got that debt out of the way, I could, I'm fairly certain, paid for the surgery in one lump sum. Owned my eyeballs free and clear, as it were. I know that this Doctor, in talking to my friend who've gone to him, will set up payments through a Debit card, after a sizeable down payment. I have that down payment. I don't know if this counts as an "Unsecured" debt or not. I know I'm going to have him fix my eyes if it's at all possible.

Someone suggested in yesterday's comments that if I hadn't done anything for myself in awhile I should go ahead and do this. Well, the truth is that I'm an indulgent little fuck, so I really don't get that excuse. However, I have literally wanted to do this from the very day I heard it was possible. I remember specifically when I first heard about it. I have rued my dependence on corrective eyewear ever since second crade, when I was first forced to wear glasses. I stubbornly, as a teenager, wore neither glasses nor contacts and just walked around blind for years.

I want this, I want it bad. If I put it off, I'll just never end up doing it.

Every single person I know who has had it done says the same thing about it: "Best thing I ever did." I have spoke to exactly one person who knew someone else personally who had had a bad experience with it. The doctor I am going to has worked on three people I know, and specializes in giving people better than 20/20 vision. My friend he zapped has 20/10 right now.

Monday can't come fast enough.

Please Pray for me that I'm able to have it done. Or send good Mojo, whatever your thing. I swear I'll be heartbroken and devastated if he says, "No." Though I'll probably pick up some new Buddy Holly glasses out of spite.

Monday, Monday, Monday...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tax Bitch

So, I've been waiting on two years worth of refunds from the IRS, not counting this last year.

See, I neglected to file the year I moved to San Francisco, filed for both years the year I got back, had a nice chunk of change due me...and it never showed up.

I asked the Tax guy about it when I went to get my shit done this year, and called two different phone numbers, navigated a labrynth-like web site, called a third number (or was it the second one again) stayed on hold for half an hour and finally spoke to someone at the IRS.

That conversation led me to believe that they had sent it to the wrong address. This is not too surprising, I moved back into my old apartment building, so I have a different apartment number than what they had on file, but the rest of the address was the same. This actually screws people up more than if the whole thing is different.

The guy on the phone wouldn't admit they had sent it to the wrong address, of course, not directly. These guys are cagey.

Anyway, he said they would have to conduct an "Investigation," and determine if the checks had been cashed. In other words, and he was quite correct, I might have been ripped off. I was told that I would be contacted in six weeks if the checks had actually been cashed and they would then start a full investigation. In other words, they were going to shake me down and see if I was trying to scam them by getting double checks.

So, obviously, I was hoping they would just cut me a couple of new checks and shut the hell up.

Which is what they did. Got 'em today.

Still waiting for this year's return, but hey, at least I'm current,

Now, the dilemma: Do I use the money to pay off a few bills, or go have a life-long dream fulfilled?

I really, really want to have someone shoot lazer beams into my eyeballs. I want my vision corrected. Hell, the last two shows I went to I knocked my own stupid glasses off of my own stupid face, and I didn't even get in the pit! Stupid Glasses! Lazer beams rule!

On the other hand, the creditors are breathing kinda heavy. There have been a couple of nice, "Pay us this much and we'll shut the hell up, " offers that look pretty good.

I might be able to a little of both, sorta. I'm really trying not to start any new debt, at all. If I take all the mony from all the returns I can pay for the eye surgery outright, with a nominal amount left over. If I pay off one of these debts, I can still get the surgery, but I'll end up owing money that will be deducted monthly from my checking account, something I hate.

I'm going to give it some thought, meditate a bit, perhaps, but I have to make a decision soon. That debt offer has a sell-by date.