Saturday, May 26, 2007

Actually, I got 'em all cut.

Yo. I'm actually at work right now, about to start my shift. Didn't get a chance to throw down this Place holder earlier. Went and got a hair cut today, ran some errands. (Basically, I look more like my picture now. Whatever.)

I'll see if I have anything more to say later, or maybe we'll see some video. Who knows?

The suspense is killing you, innit?


It's almost 3:30AM, an' I Just got home. Fucking exhausted. Got my ass kicked tonight; I haven't found myself that far in "The Weeds" in...I don't know how long. Not fun. Oh well. Happens. Gonna take care of a couple things, (Check my WoW Auctions) and crash it.

These guys came up in conversation a couple of times tonight. I guess I was waiting on Bad Religion's Pediatrician tonight. I dubbed him the "Punk Rock Baby Doc." He dug that. It was his birthday. My friend Jason and I had been talking about the band just before the table sat.

Anyway, Bad religion from back in the day, circa 1984:


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