Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lil' Warriors

Boing Boing has a post today about Dr. Laura's Son's MySpace Page, and how, now that it's been discovered to have a bunch of racist and twisted shit all over it (seriously sick shit, it sounds like) and has been removed, that they're trying to say terrorists hacked into it. (Yeah, Right.)

You can go there and read about that, or the Salt Lake Tribune article that they link back to as a source.

What caught my eye was a quote from Dr. Laura herself. (In case you don't know Dr. Laura makes her living promoting "Family Values" of an extreme Right Wing nature, and bashing Homosexuals.) According to the article, "In an interview with The [Salt Lake] Tribune, she said, 'We raised our son to be a warrior.'"

Really? Did you? Why exactly did you do that?

When you held your New Born infant in your arms, did you think to yourself, "You know, the world my child is about to grow up in just doesn't have enough Violence."

Was, "We raised our Son to be a Doctor," just too mundane? Or, fuck, anything. I suppose, "We Raised our Son to be a Jizz Mopper," would be a little worse, but, hell, it'd be safer.

Hey, we all know I'm no Saint, not by a long fucking shot. Wanting your Son to be able to Stand up for himself and what he Believes in and Loves is, of course, admirable, but a flat out Warrior? What is this, Feudal Japan?

Seems like today, becoming a Warrior should be something born of necessity, not design.

Well, Congratulations, Dr. Laura, looks like you overshot the mark. Sounds like that fucker's become a full on Psychopath. Good thing we had a War to send him to. Crazy fucker might be talking to your stuffed corpse in the attic, otherwise.

Now, go teach other Moms how to make little homophobic, racist, killing machines. That's just swell. Asshole.

This gets the "My Nutsack" tag, as that is what Dr. Laura and her precious little boy can Suck Upon. (See? I told you that tag would be useful.)

Everyone raising their kids to make war needs to stop. Muslims, Israelis, Christians, folks in Darfur, all over Africa, Asia, in South Central, East L.A., the Trailer Parks, everywhere. Stop making Warriors, who then have to go make war.

This stupid bullshit is only a couple of degrees from raising your kid to be a Suicide Bomber. Same fucking mentality.


Don't think for a moment that I mean to say raise your child to be passive, or unable or willing to Stand for something or defend themselves. Not at all. Prepare them to be a fully realized human being, with the capacity to rise to the occasion when necessary; don't raise them to BE a WARRIOR.

That's a rather limited resume, and tends to lead to some disturbing entries under the "Hobbies" Title.

To be fair: I must say I entirely agree with her bit (in the Salt Lake Tribune article) about not bitching to your Loved Ones who are serving on Active Duty. I don't think one needs to be an Extreme, Right-Wing, Gay-Bashing, Nut-Job to see the sense there. Mother Fuckers are Dodging Bullets, in the Line of Duty; Last thing you want to have to add to your Grief is the guilt that your last words to someone in that situation was you whining about something mundane Stateside.


Mom said...

You may not be perfect, but you turned out fine.
Most of your posts amuse me, every now and then you put something up that flat-out makes me proud.
Love you

Martin said...

Feeling a bit . . . Victorian in your capitalization, mon frere?

RobNoxious said...

C'mon Martin, You Know I've always been a Bit Overzealous in my Capitalization Habits.

And leave Victoria out of it. I'm not seeing her anymore.

Dhaise said...

It's nice to know that quasi-celebrities can be morons too.